Fr Kim writes;

The Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven (Download PDF)

Dear Parishioners,

What a week it has been.  On Wednesday, during the lightning storm of all lightning storms, we had a surge that damaged some of our network equipment.   Thank you to Michael Pritchard for all his hard work in getting the network up and running so quickly and we only missed one livestream.   We are waiting for a few components to be delivered and everything will be back to normal again.

Today we celebrate the feast of the Assumption of our Lady into heaven.  A fitting end to her time on earth as the Mother of our Lord.  One of the titles that helps to unpack this mystery is her being called the New Ark of the Covenant.  In the Ark of the Covenant was three items that the Israelites placed inside; the stone tablets which are the Word of God; manna they received in the desert which was bread from heaven, and Aaron’s Rod the staff of the High Priest. This prefigured Mary, the new Ark of the New Covenant, who had within her the word made flesh, the bread of life and the eternal High Priest.  This fitting tribute to the Mother of our Lord, that she should be assumed into heaven, body and soul, and is with her Son in Glory.

Mary leads us to her Son, the greatest disciple calling us to encounter her Son, and allow ourselves to be changed by that encounter.  Let’s pray that we all have the courage to be disciples of Christ following in her footsteps so we too can be with her and her Son in Glory when that time comes.

Fr Kim

BAPTISAM PREPRATION CLASSES: These will resume on 22th September via on-line video conferencing.  To book a place please go to after 2pm on Sunday 16th August.  This 1.5-hour internet video meeting is for Mums and Dads to understand the obligations of being parents to a baptised child. The format is to review the rite of baptism so that they know what will happen on the day; and more importantly, know what is expected afterwards. When booking please provide an email address and not a telephone number as your contact, to enable me to send the link to you the day before. Please ignore the Covid-19 info – this is an internet meeting.