Please sign up to your church’s mailing list!

Thank you for visiting this website: it is the best place to find cross-community information and we hope that you will continue to come here often. But did you know that your own church also sends out e-mail information and alerts? And that during the coronavirus pandemic, these are particularly important?

That’s why we urge all parishioners to follow the links below and join the e-mail list for whichever church(es) they feel appropriate. You won’t get any spam, just timely and helpful information of real interest and use.

To join St Mary and St Joseph’s e-mail list, please click here (the further link you need is at the bottom right of the home page).

To join the mailing list for Our Lady Queen of All Creation, please click here. Again, the link you need is on the right hand side of the home page.

To keep in touch with St Mark’s, please click here and then click on ‘e-alerts’ at the right of the page.

For the Church of the Resurrection in Grovehill, click here please, and follow the link for ‘e-alerts’.