Mary’s Meals is coming to Hemel – and you can help

Mary’s Meals is a registered charity based in Argyll, Scotland, that has a practical and effective approach to world hunger. Mary’s Meals feeds children one good meal every day, in school, in more than 14 countries. Thanks to their excellent cost management, they can achieve this for as little as £13.90 per child, per year. You can find out more about the charity here:

Used clothing and textiles can be sold to raise funds and just four black sacks of good quality clothing can provide one child with a nutritious meal on every school day for an entire year. Mary’s Meals would be very pleased to receive your donations of unwanted clothing and/or bedding (no duvets or pillows, please) and will be in our parishes on Sunday 3 June to collect them. Could you please, therefore, have a look around for any unwanted textiles that may be lurking in your home and bring them to your parish for 3 June so that they can be used for this excellent cause? Thank you!