Hemel West preparations for re-opening

Fr. Brian hopes to re-open St Mary and St Joseph Church, in Boxmoor, very soon. This will initially be for private prayer but ultimately for Mass (with social distancing). We’re sure you will understand that some additional measures and changes to our pattern of worship must be implemented in these challenging times.

Fr. Simon (Ordinariate) hopes to re-open St Mark’s church for Mass (with social distancing) but no date has been set and we await government guidance.

Fr. Brian will continue live-stream Mass from St Mark’s. Addition information is available here .

IMPORTANT: We need volunteers to help us prepare resource and maintain the church. Volunteers must be aged over 18 and under 70. Please email Fr. Brian to register your help: brianmcmahon@rcdow.org.uk . If we don’t get volunteers, we will have to draw on support from neighbouring parishes across the deanery.

For full details of of the current Church guidance, please click here.