A joint message from Fr Brian and Fr Kim: Do you need help during the current crisis, or can you volunteer to help others?

Dear Friends,

At this time some of us may be having difficulties receiving support from our usual group of friends and our families may be far away. We may find it difficult to access the services that we rely on, such as getting to the shops for food. We may just feel isolated and cut off and need some emotional befriending, such as the occasional phone call from a fellow parishioner, or spiritual support to get through this period of trial.

It is only right that we play our part in reaching out to each other as a parish community, brothers and sisters of each other, praying for each other and supporting each other as best as we can; the Body of Christ. If you need any kind of support, especially practical support, emotional support, befriending or spiritual support, then please contact in the first instance Shirley Bailey, the Parish Administrator for Hemel Catholic parishes. Shirley will take your details and arrange for one of our priests or one of our volunteers to contact you directly to see how we can support you.

We are very grateful to Paul Heatley, Chair of Hemel Caritas, for co-ordinating this outreach work.

Contact number for Shirley Bailey: 01442 391759 or 01442 210610

Contact number for Fr Brian, Parish Priest of Hemel West Parish: 01442 391759

Contact number for Fr Kim, Parish Priest of Hemel East Parish: 01442 210610

We also need parishioners who would be willing to act as volunteers to support this outreach amongst us. Much is already being done informally within our parishes. God Bless you for those efforts. Whatever you are asked to do, (which could be something as simple as telephone befriending or a little shopping) will take full account of all current Government guidelines so that your health is not compromised and you do not compromise others. Please contact Shirley Bailey via email (click here for the address) with offers of help. Please include your phone number. If you have a particular skill, do let Shirley know.

Fr Kim has created a Microsoft Team site called Hemel Coronavirus Response Team. There is an app for it that can be downloaded to all types of device e.g. laptop, tablet and mobile phone. Once you have volunteered, you will be sent details of how to download the app and access the site. It will keep all volunteers connected and co-ordinated and we can have occasional online visual meetings.

Remember, that all latest social media updates from Fr Brian and Fr Kim feed into the hemelcatholic.org website (you will find them here). We are grateful to Deacon Simon and Cate Bickmoor for developing and maintaining the website. Please visit it regularly and spread the word of its existence.

God Bless Us All!

Fr Brian, Fr Kim and Deacon Simon: Parish Priests and Deacon of Hemel Catholic Parishes.