Welcome to the Hemel Hempstead Catholic community. We are a community of two parishes, Hemel East and Hemel West. Within these parishes we have four churches: the Church of the Resurrection, St Mary & St Joseph, Our Lady Queen of All Creation and St Mark's.

Arrangements for Holy Week 2020 (both parishes)

As described in Fr Brian’s latest message (which you can read by clicking here), and Fr Kim’s message (which you can read by clicking here) Masses will be live-streamed during Holy Week as follows:

Holy Thursday: Hemel West Mass from St Mark’s, 8.00pm (click here), Hemel East 8:00 pm (click here).

Good Friday: Hemel West Commemoration of the Lord’s Passion live-streamed from St Mark’s, 3:00pm (click here), Hemel East 3.00pm (click here).

Easter Vigil: Hemel West Mass live-streamed from St Mark’s, 8.30pm (click here), Hemel East from Our Lady’s 8.00pm (click here).

Sunday Masses for Hemel West, including Easter Sunday, will continue to be live-streamed from St Mark’s at 11.00am (click here), Hemel East Masses are being streamed via Facebook (click here). For Hemel East, Easter Sunday Mass will be at 10.30.

Coronavirus: messages from our parish priests

Message from Fr. Brian

Message from Fr. Kim

Please also see the joint message from our priests, which explains our community’s response to the coronavirus situation, how you can request help at this time and how you can volunteer to help others. Please read and act on this message: your community needs you! Click here to read the joint message from Fr Kim and Fr Brian.

Due to the fast-moving nature of the coronavirus epidemic, we now have a section of this website devoted entirely to it, which is regularly updated. Please click here to visit our coronavirus pages.

Please note that the Church in the UK is currently operating under restrictions imposed in light of the current coronavirus pandemic. This means that Masses cannot be celebrated with a congregation (although we are now live-streaming), and various other rules also apply. To find out more please click here for details from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.

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